Let's Sit Up for a Fun Workout DVD

Let's Sit Up for a Fun Workout is a fantastic chair-based 'Pilates' inspired exercise programme, with Personal Trainer Kate Jakobsson.

Designed to help you improve your stamina, flexibility, balance and confidence in the comfort of your own home.

Chair based 'Pilates' for over 60s
3 DVDs & Band - over 2 hours

Featuring a variety of safe, effective and fun workouts suitable for all abilities. It’s one of the secrets of living healthier and longer life.

It will help:

  • You live healthier & longer
  • Fast track your way to optimum health
  • Improve flexibility and co-ordination
  • Strengthen your body from within

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DVD 1 - 36 mins seated exercises
DVD 2 - 51 mins seated & standing exercises
DVD 3 - 54 mins higher intensity exercises
1 Latex Resistance Band

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'Exercises you from your head to your toenails and Kate makes it fun.'
- Jean Harwood (79)

'It’s a fun DVD and it does you good.' - Valery Brett (61)

"Brings on the strength of the body, helps keep movement in your arms and legs – thoroughly enjoyable!" - Ted Kenny (86)

"Improves co-ordination, stimulates circulation and generates a felling of well being"
- Sheila Bird (75)

About Kate

Kate Jakobsson, is a personal trainer with over 30 years professional experience in the fitness industry.

Kate is passionate about rehabilitation and achieves fast results through applying the body-mind connection as a qualified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.