We’re delighted to support The Irish News’ Neighbourhood News Drop, which is running all this week, from Monday 25th February until Sunday 3rd March.

As part of the initiative, the Irish News are encouraging people to call in to their local SPAR, pick up a complimentary neighbour copy of the Irish News and drop in to see an older neighbour, friend or relative.

There are 285,000 older people over the age of 65 living in Northern Ireland, a figure that is predicted to grow to 608,493 for 60+ years by 2039*.
54% of those over 65 years old have never accessed the internet, 4.5% live in communal establishments, and 78,101 older people live alone*.

Irish News editor Noel Doran said these figures are a huge reason why the newspaper created the campaign; “This is an important initiative which will enable us to reach out positively to a section of society which can often feel marginalised and alone. We are calling on all our readership and the wider community to take part in our ‘Neighbourhood News’ initiative and drop a copy of the Irish News in with an older person in their local community.”


Our Chief Executive Linda Robinson commented:

“We are absolutely delighted to be involved in this initiative and commend the Irish News for raising awareness of the issues affecting older people, especially around loneliness, which we know is an increasing problem for many, but particularly for the older generation.

“Sadly, it’s something we hear every day from the older people who contact us or use our services - that they don’t have anyone to talk to or someone to share their problems with. Some can even go days without seeing or speaking to anyone.

“That’s why this campaign is so valuable. There’s something we can all do to support our older neighbours, friends and family. It’s the small gestures like starting a conversation, being friendly and chatting with a neighbour that can make such a huge impact.”

For more information on the initiative, visit www.irishnews.com/neighbourhoodnews


Don’t forget if you or an older person you know are in need of advice or support, call our Advice and Advocacy Service on 0808 808 7575.


*Statistics from Age friendly profile for Northern Ireland, NISRA https://www.nisra.gov.uk/