Country Stars Derek Ryan and Philomena Begley have come released a new song with all proceeds going to Age NI and Alone.

Derek Ryan has derived inspiration from the current Coronavirus lockdown and linked up at a distance with Country Queen Philomena Begley to duet on his new song.  ‘It Won’t Rain Forever’ is released on Friday 15th May with proceeds from the song supporting Age NI and Alone in the Irish Republic.

The new song is the first time the two performers, at opposite ends of the country music spectrum, have come together to record. Both have appeared regularly on stage together but this is their first recording. The current lockdown the country is experiencing brought challenges to the recording process.  With social distancing the order of the day, both Derek and Philomena had to record their vocals apart in their homes, as being together in a studio wasn’t possible.

 ‘It Won’t Rain Forever’ was written after Derek watched Philomena’s touching Skype interview with Miriam O’Callaghan on the Late Late Show last month.  He contacted her about recording the song after hearing her story of only being able to see her grandchildren through the window of her home because of social distancing restrictions. It was then he realised the song was appropriate for the times we are going through and that Philomena was perfect to sing it along with him.

 Speaking today, Derek who like many other musicians can’t wait for restrictions to be relaxed and a resumption of live music, said he sang a demo of the song on Facetime to Philomena and was delighted when she instantly agreed to the recording.

 “I must admit the setting up of the remote recording was difficult and not the studio setup we are both used to. However we are delighted on how it has turned out.”

Derek also said that the sentiment of the song about the isolation the elderly are going through at present made teaming up with Age NI and ALONE the obvious choice to benefit from the proceeds of the song from streaming and downloading. 

‘It Won’t Rain Forever’ will be included on Derek’s next album, which he is currently working on and available through Spotify and other download platforms.

Linda Robinson, CEO Age NI,

“I would like to thank both Derek and Philomena for dedicating this song to older people. Age NI is witnessing the impact COVID-19 is having on older people, many of whom are telling us that they are lonely, isolated and dreading the idea of continued distancing from their loved one. With no family or grandchildren being able to visit, services like our new “Check in and chat” are vital at this challenging time.

We are grateful for the kind donations from fans to help us continue with this service”.  

Download ‘It Won’t Rain Forever’

If you or an older person you know needs help and support call our advice line on FREEPHONE 0808 808 7575.