Age NI welcomes the outcome of the review of hate crime legislation by Judge Marrinan and his recommendation to add age to the protected characteristics in legislation.

Judge Marrinan’s recommendation to include age would protect all age groups including those of older age for whom crime and the fear of crime can have significant and devastating impacts

Age NI believes that crimes that target older people can be motivated by perceptions of vulnerability due to age. Unfortunately, current portrayals of older people, particular those over 70 years, as being alone and isolated, could have an adverse impact on how older people are viewed by the public and increase their vulnerability to be victims of crime.

Linda Robinson, Chief Executive, Age NI said:

“While the rates of crime against older people are low in comparison with other age groups, Age NI believes that there are particular factors that make older people more vulnerable to the effects of crime”.   

“The benefits of adding age as a protected characteristic and developing an advocacy service for older people who are victims of hate could also be significant, not only for individuals, but for society.”

If you, or an older person you know, is in need of advice, information or practical support on a wide range of issues including welfare benefits, community care, housing and health, contact the Age NI Advice Service on Freephone 0808 808 7575 to speak to a specialist advisor in confidence.