Nikita Ferguson

We're raising money for Age NI because we want to help older people in Northern Ireland who have no one else to turn to. 

"I truly never appreciated the struggles that older people are facing until I started working for Age NI.

Loneliness is the big issue. We have older people phoning our advice line saying they haven't spoken to another person in over a week. Or people who have told us they mail letters to themselves just to have the postman call at their door.

I've seen the work that Age NI does first hand to help older people in need of advice and support - and that's why I'm taking part in their charity Dodgeball event this month.

If you can spare a couple of pounds, it would mean so much to me and the older people who are receiving support from Age NI.

Thank you!"
Nikita x

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Nikita Ferguson
Jamie Ferguson
Lendl Strange
Noel Strange
Leah Paul
Mike Stronge

Nikita Ferguson