Welcome to Move More Live More, a one-stop spot to help older people to find online exercise programmes, suitable to do safely at home.

Working in partnership with the Public Health Agency, Age NI and a panel of older people have road-tested and rated online physical activity programmes specifically aimed at meeting  the needs of older people.

The hand-picked workouts range from active programmes from the likes of  celebrity faces Jane Fonda and Joe Wicks, through to gentle seated exercises and physiotherapist-led strength and  balance moves. 

What is Move More Live More?

Move More Live More is a set of online exercise programmes which have been tried and tested by a panel of older people, aged 65+ of all levels of mobility. Move More Live More will tell you what our panel of testers said about each programme and who they recommend them for. All of the featured programmes are designed specifically for older people and they can be done at home, free, any time, without equipment.

Meet the Panel

In partnership with the Public Health Agency, Age NI’s test panel has done the hard work of trying out each of the videos presented here.

Our test panel included individuals using a walking aid, more active walkers and some who had attended a variety of exercise classes in the past. We have used their feedback to rate each programme so you can find your level.

Why is strength and balance exercise important as we age?

From the age of 50, our muscle strength naturally starts to reduce by 1.5% every. As we get older, this “deconditioning” is accelerate by lack of regular movement, such as sitting around for long periods or not getting out and about.  The good news is that with just a little gentle daily exercise at home, it is possible to build strength back up, allowing us to do more, to stay active and remain independent.  Many of the strength and balance programmes included in Move More Live More have been created specifically for older people by expert physiotherapists.

(Pictured is Chartered Physiotherapist, Cathy McKeown)

How to get started?

We know that when searching for exercise videos online, it can be hard to know where to start. We also understand that for older people, or those recovering from illness or an operation, it’s really important to know that any exercise programme is safe, suitable and beneficial. There is a range of workouts from 10 minute gentle stretches, through to longer, more active workouts; some are performed standing, and others can be done entirely seated. Several of the programmes tested by our panel didn’t make the cut, so these are their top picks. There’s something here to give everyone somewhere to begin.

We are delighted to say that Move More Live More has been commended by the Health Minister, Robin Swann MLA, who said, “ Move More Live More has been tried and tested and I would encourage people to use it.  It’s important that we all try to be as active as possible.  Even a few minutes a day will make a difference.” 

Thank you, Minister.

These programmes have been split into two sections, depending on your starting point. Choose a programme and click below to explore.

1. Active & Standing Programmes

Mainly performed standing, some of these programmes are up to 20-30 minutes, full body workouts. Expect some cardio (increased heart rate and breathing more heavily) and a good focus on building strength and balance while standing.

2. Gentle & Seated Programmes 

Mainly performed seated, these programmes tend to be shorter in duration (around 10 minutes), less aerobic, focus on gentle stretches, upper body and core strength.

Click here for the full Move More Live More leaflet:

Move More Live More Programme PDF. 

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