No older person should have to face this winter isolated and alone, with little to look forward to, and no one to talk to or ask for help.
But Age NI is here to help!

Buying an E-Card this Christmas can help us to lighten the load for vulnerable older people who call us.

E-Cards are issued within one working day (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) and the deadline for orders is 12 noon on 22 December. Please ensure you enter your email address correctly into the form below.

Your E-Card will arrive in your email inbox shortly after your purchase. Once you receive your e-card, you can simply edit the recipient name and forward it to as many people as you wish!

If you do not receive your E-Card please contact Sean via [email protected]

E-Card Selection

We offer a range of 5 Christmas E-cards:

Christmas Tree E-card Santa & Friends E-card Snowman E-card

Santa Gnomes E-card Christmas Garland E-card

For every E-card we suggest a minimum donation of £8, which can provide a weekly friendship call to a lonely older person. To complete the process of ordering an E-card there are two short steps:

  1. Please complete the order form below. This will include your name, email address and which card you wish to receive
  2. Following this, please complete the donation form which will be available when the order form is submitted. In the comment’s section of the donation please write your name and “E-card”.

Please submit order form