Let's Get Down for a Fun Workout DVD

Let's Get Down for a Fun Workout is a superb floor-based exercise programme, with Personal Trainer Kate Jakobsson.

Taking care of your health with these inner body-strengthening exercises can help improve your quality of life. This programme is for any age, as long as you can get down on the floor. Floor based 'Pilates' for any age!

It will help:

  • Strengthen inner core muscles
  • Re-balance your skeletal system
  • You regain your body shape
  • Improve your physical strength and flexibility

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1 Floor-based Exercise DVD (57 mins)
1 Latex Resistance Band

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'After an hour of doing this workout, I feel incredibly calm and yet also energised to face the week' - Catherine Walker (25)

'After having a baby, this DVD helped me get back into shape and now helps me strengthen my back to deal with a boisterous, active young boy!' - Nina Jaffa

'Within 4 –5 weeks of doing this workout, I noticed that my body changed shape and I regained my waistline.' - Anja Hadfield (67)

'This DVD is easy to follow, working me from head to toe. I always feel toned up and 100% better afterwards.' - Harry Stone (89)

About Kate

Kate Jakobsson, is a personal trainer with over 30 years professional experience in the fitness industry.

Kate is passionate about rehabilitation and achieves fast results through applying the body-mind connection as a qualified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.