We are calling on all our political representatives to #Act4Age and deliver a better future for us all as we age.Read more

Act4Age: Staying well, feeling good

We want everyone in later life to enjoy better health for longer, to remain as independent as possible and to receive the best quality, personalised care in later life.Read more

Act4Age: Tackling pensioner poverty

We want current and future pensioners to have enough money from state and private sources to live comfortably and to participate fully and with dignity in society.Read more

Act4Age: Equal and engaged citizens

We want a world where older people are valued as equal citizens and are active participants in society, respected for their experience and the contribution they make to their family and community.Read more

Age4Age: Ageing at the heart of government policy and action

One of the biggest challenges facing the Northern Ireland government is how it will prepare and plan for an increasingly ageing population, at a time of significant financial pressures and competing demands for help and support.Read more

Commissioner for Older People

The Commissioner for Older People was approved by the Northern Ireland Assembly on 07 December 2010. Our campaign 'We agree' was supported by older people throughout Northern Ireland.Read more