The Age NI Personal alarm system is easy to use and low maintenance. We hope you never have to use it for real, but rest assured that Taking Care are ready to respond 24 hours a day, 365 days a year if you ever need it.

If you need assistance, our priority is getting you help as fast as possible. Simply press your pendant and the Taking Care dedicated team will assess the situation and get you the help you need quickly.

There are a few tasks we ask you to undertake to ensure the service runs smoothly for you.

Every quarter
Please test a call every quarter - try testing the alarm on the day of the month that matches your birthday. Customers say they find that easy to remember. All you do is:

1. Press the button on your pendant or help button on the unit just once and wait to be connected.
2. A Taking Care operator will answer and speak to you. Then simply let them know you'd like to run a test.
3. Taking Care will test your alarm, make sure the signal is strong and check all is working as it should.




1) It is a good idea to have a chat with your keyholders about anything they may need to know about you or your home, e.g. if you have a pet or a particular medical condition.
2) If you want to add additional keyholders, please contact Taking Care.
3) Keep in touch with Taking Care and let them know of any changes to your health.
4) In the event of a personal alarm fault or if your pendant battery needs replacing, Taking Care will fix the issue free of charge. Depending on the nature of the issue, Taking Care may send you a replacement personal alarm or one of their advisors will visit your home to repair the equipment or replace the battery

Collecting ongoing payments
Taking Care will collect your monthly payment, which covers the ongoing service charge. You may find it easier to sign up for direct debit payments.

Recommend a friend
Tell your friends about Age NI Personal Alarms and the comfort and reassurance that it gives you. Simply fill out the leaflet in your welcome pack and your friend will be sent a free brochure or they can arrange a no-obligation demonstration if they prefer. If they register for the service, Age Co Personal Alarms will send you a £20 M&S gift card as a thank you ‡‡. You can recommend as many times as you like. Either complete and return the coupon within the recommend a friend leaflet, or call 0800 085 8611. Lines are open Mon Fri 8am - 6pm, Sat 9am - 5pm.  Terms and conditions apply. 

1. Wear the alarm 24 hours a day.
2. When you lock your doors, remember not to leave your key in the door. Otherwise, your keyholders won't be able to unlock the door and reach you quickly if you need help.
3. Be sure to test your alarm after a power cut or if your electricity has been turned off for any reason. 
4. Let Taking Care know if there are any access issues or instructions to let others know the location of your home.
5. Contact Taking Care if you are going away and always leave the alarm system plugged in and switched on while you're not at home.
6. Don't worry if you press your button by mistake. The operator will be glad to know that you're ok and that your alarm unit is working correctly.