Save £99 when you order the Self-Connect payment option and connect the unit yourself.

The Age NI Personal Alarm is easy to install

If you choose to Self-Connect, you will receive the Self-Connect install guide with your personal alarm. This step-by-step guide has easy to follow instructions to show you how to quickly connect your personal alarm.

Self-Connect - Order Online Now

An initial fee of £69 plus £3.80 on-going weekly cost† (£16.48 paid monthly) from PPP Taking Care. Price includes discount.

  • Connect the system yourself using the quick and easy step-by-step guide
  • Orders usually arrive within 10 working days
  • At home demonstration offer does not apply to Self-Connect customers.
  • Many of our customers do not have to pay VAT for health reasons.††

All prices include 24-hour monitoring, plus on-site maintenance. † Ongoing payment will be deducted on a monthly basis by PPP Taking Care Limited.  †† You will be exempt from VAT if you declare that you are chronically sick or disabled. Click here for more information about exemption from VAT. (PDF 141 KB)

Personal alarm set up requirements

  • You will need a modern phone socket and a mains electricity socket which is near your phone.
  • You will need to choose one of the following keyholder options
  1. Two separate people to be your keyholders, who live within 30 minutes of your home and who can be contacted if you need help. They can be family members, friends or neighbours
  2. If you do not have two separate people, then there is an option of having one keyholder and a key safe. Go to our key safe page for more information about the key safe.
  3. If you have one keyholder or wish to use the service without any keyholders, you will need a key safe. This can either be bought from PPPTC or it can be your own.