Personal alarms are easy to install yourself, or with the help of a friend or family member.

If you choose to Self-Connect, you will be sent the Self-Connect install guide with your personal alarm. This step by step guide has easy to follow instructions to show you how to quickly connect your personal alarm.There are currently two models in the range and you will either have the "Reach Unit" made by Tynetech or the "Sara"unit made by Doro. Please scroll for instructions for both units.

Download the Easy-Connect self install guide - Reach personal alarm

How to install your "Reach" personal alarm

Please follow these 5 steps to install your personal alarm unit. You may also find it helpful to refer to the installation diagrams included in the Easy-Connect Self-Install guide.

Step 1

Unplug the existing telephone from the telephone wall socket (or broadband filter if fitted). Plug the short telephone extension lead (marked with a yellow dot) into the Reach socket (marked with a Yellow square) and connect the existing telephone to it.

Personal alarms instructions - step 2Step 2

Connect the Telecom Lead (marked with a green dot) between the Reach socket (marked with a green square) and the telephone wall socket, or the broadband filter if fitted.


Personal alarms instructions - step 3Step 3

Connect the Power Lead (marked with a blue dot) between the Reach SUPPLY socket (marked with a blue square) and your mains electricity supply (240V AC mains supply).


Personal alarms instructions - step 4Step 4

Please secure any excess cables to avoid possible trip hazards. Choose the connector cover if the unit is being placed flat on the table. Or the stand if it is being placed an upright position. Route the leads through the cover or stand. Then fix either the cover or stand and secure with the single screw provided.


Step 5

Switch on the electrical supply. The indicator on the front of the alarm base unit will flash red, amber, green for 12 seconds while initialising. Once it remains green the alarm is ready to test.

Note: You will find full instructions on how to test your panic alarm in the Easy-Connect Guide.

Download the Easy-Connect self install guide (PDF 4.2 MB)


How to connect your "Sara" unit by Doro

Please follow the 8 steps below. 

Step 1

Disconnect your home telephone lead from the master telephone socket.

Doro Self Connect Step 1

Step 2

Connect your home telephone lead to the telephone socket on the alarm adapter.

Doro Self Connect Step 2

Step 3

Connect the telephone lead (green) to the socket on the alarm adapter.

Doro Self Connect Step 3

Step 4

Connect the alarm adapter to the master telephone socket. (If you have a broadband filter connected to the phone socket, connect the alarm adapter to this).

Doro Self Connect Step 4


Step 5

Connect the telephone lead to the TEL socket ( green) on the alarm unit.

Doro Self Connect Step 5Step 6

Connect the power lead (yellow) to the power socket on the alarm unit.

Doro Self Connect Step 6

Step 7

Turn the Off/On switch on the back of the alarm unit to ON. It will bleep and flash red once.

Step 8

Ensure the power socket is turned off before plugging in the power cable to the power socket, once plugged in turn the power socket on.

Doro Self Connect Step 7


The alarm button on the top of the alarm base unit will flash red once then remain solid red.

The power indicaor will flash green once then remain solid green. Once it remains green the alarm is ready for you to test and check your phone has a dialing tone.


Testing your alarm  
Once you have connected your Doro alarm, you will need to test it.

Step 1
Press the red button on the alarm unit, the alarm indicator will flash red and a call will be raised to the response centre. When the operator answers via the alarm unit, let them know where you've installed the alarm unit.

Step 2
After your previous call has been closed down by the operator, and the red alarm button is back to solid red, press your pendant button while standing in the room with the alarm unit.
When the operator answers, let them know you are testing your pendant in different parts of your home.
Please do a minimum of three range tests, one furthest away from the alarm, one from the kitchen and one from the garden.
Ensure one of the tests is carried out at low (preferably floor) level to make sure the cover is comprehensive.
Each time you press your pendant you will need to return to the alarm unit and speak to the operator who will confirm the test has been successful. Wait for the red alarm button to return to solid red before starting the next test.

Step 3
Once you have made your last pendant range test please let the operator know. The operator will then close the call and the red alarm button will then go back to solid red light.

Your personal alarm is now ready to use.

Please note that when carrying out a range test, if the pendant flashes green - red only, you are out of range of the alarm unit.