This event is kindly supported by our corporate partner ViVO. 

They say silence is golden, and in today’s busy, multi-tasking, always-on world, many of us would give anything for a moment’s peace and quiet.

But for older people living alone, silence and loneliness, sadly, go hand in hand every day. During the COVID pandemic lockdown, this has been one of the hardest things to cope with. 

Imagine if that was you - how would you feel?

The good thing is that you can help Age NI to be there for more lonely older people by taking part in The Big Wheesht!

One of Belfast’s best-known gabblers, May McFettridge, has backed the campaign. May said,

Yousuns might think I have the gift of the gab, and it’s true, I’ve been told to shut my bake more times than I care to remember, but if you don’t have anyone to listen to you, it’s not much craic talking to yourself, is it? Join The Big Wheesht today."

All you have to do is to commit to doing something like… give up social media for a day, stay silent for a few hours, organise a virtual tea party or a socially distanced silent disco! Then ask your colleagues or friends to sponsor you.

Follow three simple steps and Join the Big Wheesht - Your challenge, your way!

  1. Choose a date which suits you any day in the month of October.
  2. Decide what challenge you are going to do, come off social media, stay silent or put your mobile away for the day.
  3. Complete your challenge with friends, or alone. Don't forget to tell us about your experience after.

It could be 2 hours, 24 hours or more – the choice is yours. Your challenge, your way!

Alternatively, you could crank up the tunes and hold a socially distanced silent disco.

So go on…. join The Big Wheesht, knowing that whatever you choose to do, the funds you raise will support Age NI to provide more vital advice, support and connection for lonely older people. 

This event is kindly supported by our corporate partner ViVO. 

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